Electoral Boundaries Commission

The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) is an independent, neutral statutory body responsible for establishing and reviewing Victoria’s State electoral boundaries. The process of reviewing electoral boundaries is called a ‘redivision’.

We review electoral boundaries and regularly adjust them to make sure each electorate has about the same number of enrolled voters. This gives Victorians equal representation in Parliament.

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2020–21 State electoral boundary redivision

The 2020-21 State electoral boundary redivision concluded on 28 October 2021. A report on the final boundaries is now available.

Electoral boundaries released

Victoria’s new State electoral boundaries have been released.

Interactive map view

Look at Victoria’s new State electoral boundaries on an interactive map.

View submissions

View submissions to the 2020-21 State electoral boundary redivision.

About redivisions

Learn about redivisions and why we have them.

Federal boundary redistribution

A federal boundary redistribution is also currently underway in Victoria. This is a separate process conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. For information about the federal boundary redistribution, visit the Australian Electoral Commission’s website.