Current redivision

To ensure the number of electors within each district and region remains approximately the same over time, State electoral boundaries must be adjusted. This formal process is called a ‘redivision’, and must take place after every second Victorian State general election.

The 2020-21 State electoral boundary redivision concluded on 28 October 2021. A report on the final boundaries is now available.

See final boundaries

For more information about redivisions, visit About redivisions.

Transition to the new electoral boundaries

The new State electoral boundaries will take effect at the 2022 State election. The transition timeline explains the key dates in this process.

Current boundaries apply 28 October 2021 EBC releases new electoral boundaries and tables these at Parliament
12 November 2021 Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) publishes new electoral boundaries in Victorian Government Gazette
3 February 2022 VEC commences preparing new electoral rolls based on the new boundaries (Electoral Boundaries Commission Act 1982 section 17)
New boundaries apply 1 November 2022 New electoral boundaries come into effect
26 November 2022 Election day – Victorian State Election