Past redivisions

Following are details of past redivisions conducted by the EBC:

The electoral redivision that took place in 2001 was the first since 1991. For information relating to redivisions prior to 2001 please contact the EBC.

2005 Upper House redivision

In 2005, there was a redivision of the Victorian Upper House electoral boundaries due to the passing of the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Act 2003 (external link).

Previously the Legislative Council consisted of 44 members, elected from 22 electoral provinces. The Constitution (Parlimentary Reform) Act 2003 provided that, from the 2006 State election, the Legislative Council would consist of 40 members, elected from eight electoral regions with each region comprising five members.

The Act required the EBC to conduct a redivision of Victoria between 1 January and 30 November 2005 to establish the eight new electoral regions.

On 21 February 2005, the EBC met to commence the redivision. The EBC released the final boundaries on 6 October 2005.

The new boundaries came into operation at the November 2006 State election. No district boundaries were affected.

2001 electoral boundaries redivision

In 2001, there was a redivision of the Victorian electoral boundaries. As a result of the redivision, there were changes to the boundaries of the 88 Legislative Assembly districts and the 22 Legislative Council provinces.

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