Part III: The final boundaries - Vermont


  1. The EBC proposed that the Forest Hill district take in all of the suburb of Vermont, including a fragment (comprising 294 electors) that is in the City of Maroondah. The Maroondah City Council argued that this small area should be returned to Bayswater district, arguing that this would facilitate representation by the State member and by the Council. The Council offered that its suggested boundary of Heatherdale Road, being both a municipal boundary and a major road, was a more suitable electoral boundary.
  2. The EBC acknowledges that it is desirable to use local government boundaries and major roads where appropriate. However, the grouping of entire suburbs in a district fits communities of interest. In this area, Heatherdale Road is a minor suburban road, and the proposed boundary is much clearer. The EBC considers it cannot agree to the Council’s request.
  3. Mr Darren McSweeney suggested that the boundary follow Eastlink instead of the transmission line. Eastlink is a clearer boundary, and the EBC has adopted this idea. No electors are affected by the change.

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