Part III: The final boundaries - Tullamarine/Gowanbrae


  1. Several residents of Tullamarine objected to their inclusion in the proposed new Sunbury district. They stated that Tullamarine is an urban semi-industrial area whose connections are with Gladstone Park and Airport West – not with Sunbury which they regarded as a semi-rural country town. They pointed out that Sunbury was 25 kilometres away, and feared that if the proposed boundaries went ahead, Tullamarine would be a forgotten fringe area.
  2. Some writers seemed to confuse the State redivision with municipal boundaries, and were mainly concerned about the forthcoming Sunbury separation poll. Tullamarine and Gladstone Park have associations with Melbourne Airport, which in turn has a strong connection with Sunbury along Sunbury Road. These suburbs comprise a substantial component of the Sunbury district, and are unlikely to be overlooked.
  3. A related matter is Dr Mulcair’s suggestion that Gowanbrae be placed in Niddrie rather than Sunbury, because its main community of interest lies westwards in Airport West rather than north in Gladstone Park and Tullamarine. Gowanbrae is an isolated pocket whose only access to other areas is at its south-western corner. Its nearest substantial shopping centre is Westfield Shoppingtown Airport West, but residents have equally ready access to Gladstone Park via Melrose Drive. Including Gowanbrae in Niddrie would create a peculiarly shaped Niddrie district, and would push Sunbury’s enrolment well below the average. The EBC therefore considers that Gowanbrae and Tullamarine should remain in Sunbury district.

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