Part III: The final boundaries - Strathlea/Sandon/Yandoit


  1. The south-western corner of Mount Alexander Shire forms a bulge projecting some 10 kilometres to the south. The EBC proposed to transfer this small area including the rural localities of Strathlea and Sandon from Bendigo West to Ripon district, to round out Ripon’s boundaries. The Australian Greens, the Mount Alexander and Central Goldfields Shire Councils and Dr Mulcair suggested that the area be returned to Bendigo West district, on the ground that local government boundaries indicate communities of interest and are preferable boundaries. Madelaine and Margaret Lewis added the perspective of local residents, both in written submissions and at the 16 August public hearing. They explained that the road pattern in their area is linked to Newstead (in Mount Alexander Shire), and that residents go to Newstead daily for shopping, school, sporting and all basic services. For health services and a wider range of shops, residents travel to Castlemaine, the centre of Mount Alexander Shire. Their local newspaper is the Midland Express, which circulates throughout the Shire. Residents have very little to do with Carisbrook and other areas in Central Goldfields Shire, and the Lewises were concerned that if they were placed in Ripon district, they would be a very small minority that risked being overlooked.
  2. The EBC finds these arguments convincing, and has determined to return Strathlea and Sandon to Bendigo West district.
  3. This change leaves the Yandoit and Shepherds Flat area, just to the east, virtually cut off from the rest of Ripon district. The main road in the area leads directly to Daylesford (in Macedon district), and Shepherds Flat has strong tourism associations with Daylesford, so the EBC considers it appropriate to transfer the area from Ripon to Macedon district.

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