Part III: The final boundaries - St Albans/Footscray/Sydenham

St Albans/Footscray/Sydenham

  1. There were three suggestions for substantial changes to the proposed new St Albans district. Dr Mark Mulcair criticised the splitting of Sunshine between St Albans and Footscray, and suggested that St Albans district take in the whole of Sunshine, while Footscray would gain Albion and Ardeer from St Albans. The EBC acknowledges that the division of Sunshine is not ideal on community of interest grounds, but considers that the adoption of the suggested boundaries would divide Footscray district into two nearly disconnected pieces, and would be worse than the EBC’s proposed boundaries.
  2. Fuat Hasip and Chetin Aktolga suggested that the Western Ring Road be the southern boundary of St Albans district, which should extend northwards to gain parts of Taylors Lakes and Keilor. Although the Western Ring Road would be a clear boundary, the EBC considers that this suggestion would have unacceptably disruptive consequences for neighbouring districts.

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