Part III: The final boundaries - Snake Valley/Carranballac

Snake Valley/Carranballac

  1. The Australian Greens and the Pyrenees Shire Council suggested that the whole of Pyrenees Shire be located in Ripon district. Under the proposed boundaries, Snake Valley is in Buninyong district, and the Carranballac area is in Polwarth. Snake Valley was included in Buninyong to round out the boundaries of the district, and Carranballac was included in Polwarth to cover the hinterland of Skipton. Still, the argument that the local government boundary indicates a community of interest is also valid. Regarding elector numbers, the inclusion of Snake Valley and Carranballac would compensate Ripon for the loss of Strathlea and Yandoit, and would not significantly reduce elector numbers for Buninyong and Polwarth. The EBC supports the suggested adjustment.

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