Part III: The final boundaries - Serpentine/Dingee


  1. North-west of Bendigo the EBC proposed to allocate the Serpentine/Dingee area to Bendigo East district. The ALP suggested that this area be transferred to Swan Hill, partly to reduce the division of Loddon Shire (which is divided among four districts under the proposed boundaries). The ALP set out the historical, educational, sporting, transport and municipal service ties binding together the thinly populated rural Shire, which is very different from urban Bendigo.
  2. The EBC recognises the strength of the ALP’s community of interest arguments – though it should be noted that the Loddon Valley Highway offers easy access from Serpentine to Bendigo. The key problem with the ALP’s proposal is the numbers. The proposed Swan Hill district’s enrolment is 7.69 per cent above the State average. Under the ALP’s suggestion, the deviation for Swan Hill would increase to +9.3 per cent – very close to the 10 per cent threshold. In addition, the change would make an already geographically extensive electorate even larger. The EBC therefore does not agree to the ALP’s proposal.

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