Part III: The final boundaries - Pascoe Vale/Broadmeadows

Pascoe Vale/Broadmeadows

  1. The Australian Greens suggested transferring the balance of Pascoe Vale South from Brunswick to Pascoe Vale, and the part of Glenroy north of Glenroy Road and east of the railway line from Pascoe Vale to Broadmeadows. They argued that Pascoe Vale South has stronger links with Pascoe Vale than with Brunswick; that their suggested Moreland Road boundary was a more used thoroughfare than the EBC’s Reynard Street boundary; that the part of Glenroy in the proposed Broadmeadows district was an isolated pocket; and that their suggestion would move enrolments for Broadmeadows and Pascoe Vale districts close to the average both now and in 2018.
  2. The EBC considers that the main flaw in the Greens’ suggestion is the proposed boundary between Broadmeadows and Pascoe Vale, which runs through the middle of the Glenroy shopping centre and divides its community of interest. Without this change in the north, Pascoe Vale district cannot take in the Pascoe Vale South area in the south, as this would put the district over the maximum allowable enrolment.

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