Part III: The final boundaries - Kealba


  1. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) and Mr Anthony Prendergast suggested that the suburb of Kealba be returned from St Albans to Niddrie district, where it currently sits. They argued that the Maribyrnong Valley Parklands are a central point of community and lifestyle for Kealba and neighbouring suburbs, and that this community would be broken if Kealba was separated from Niddrie. As only 2,203 electors were involved, the transfer of Kealba would not have serious consequences for electorate numbers, and in fact would bring both St Albans and Niddrie closer to the average. The ALP stated that Sunshine Avenue (on the western side of Kealba) was a clear demarcation, and that Kealba shared a strong Italian heritage with Niddrie but not with St Albans.
  2. The EBC considers that the Maribyrnong River is a much stronger district boundary than Sunshine Avenue. Residents of Kealba are concerned with the Maribyrnong Parklands, but they would have easier access towards St Albans, and this influences community of interest. The EBC believes that the strength of the boundary is the decisive factor in this case, and so has decided that Kealba will remain in the St Albans district.

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