Part III: The final boundaries - Fitzroy North

Fitzroy North

  1. The Australian Greens were concerned that Richmond district is growing faster than the DPCD predicted, and suggested transferring the part of Fitzroy North west of Brunswick Street/St Georges Road and north of Alexandra Parade from Richmond to Brunswick. They believed that this change would prevent Richmond from growing beyond the 10 per cent threshold in the near future, and also that their suggested boundaries were clearer than the EBC’s proposed Park Street boundary. The EBC appreciates the information provided by the Greens, but considers it preferable to rely broadly on the DPCD projections for the sake of consistency. One factor reducing the effect of development in the inner suburbs is the relatively low enrolment rate in this area. The particular boundary suggested by the Greens follows main roads but divides Fitzroy North in a rather arbitrary way, and created a strangely shaped Brunswick district. The EBC has therefore decided not to adopt the Greens’ suggestion.

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