Part III: The final boundaries - Elwood


  1. The Port Phillip Housing Association objected to the proposed transfer of Elwood from Albert Park district to Brighton, arguing that Elwood has no links with Brighton and has always been associated with St Kilda, being part of the same local government area and Federal division and being co-located for the purposes of education, religious, business, sporting and other community level organisations. The Association was concerned that the transfer of Elwood would remove the alignment of its housing services for low-income clients, and that school communities were also likely to be adversely affected.
  2. Community profiles suggest that Elwood is a transitional suburb, with larger houses and generally higher incomes than St Kilda, but more densely populated than Brighton35. Albert Park district has to lose electors to bring it back within the 10 per cent tolerance, and Brighton needs to gain electors to compensate for its relative decline. The transfer of Elwood meets both of these requirements, and the EBC does not propose to reverse the transfer.

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Port Phillip city website, downloaded 17 September 2013.

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