Part III: The final boundaries - Buloke


  1. Under the proposed boundaries, Buloke Shire is divided in two, with most of the Shire incorporated in Mildura district, and the southern part, including Donald and Charlton, in Ripon district. The Australian Greens suggested that Mildura district take in the whole Shire, arguing that it is preferable to unite local government areas if possible and that enrolments for both Mildura and Ripon would remain well within the tolerance.
  2. The EBC is concerned that the suggested change would place the southern extremity of the district a long way south, with Charlton over half way to Melbourne and 298 kilometres from Mildura. Furthermore, it would change the character of Mildura district, which is presently a Mallee-based electorate, but which would include a different part of Victoria under the Greens’ suggestion. The EBC therefore does not agree to the suggested change.

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