Part III: The final boundaries - Box Hill/Ringwood/Forest Hill

Box Hill/Ringwood/Forest Hill

  1. Mr Tony Robinson, a former member for Mitcham district, criticised the proposed boundaries in his area for following vague locality boundaries instead of main roads that residents can readily identify. He argued that the proposed Ringwood district grouped disparate areas, and suggested a north-south aligned Forest Hill district. Mr Robinson was also concerned about the political impact of the proposed boundaries – a factor that the EBC does not consider.
  2. The EBC concedes that in some cases suburb boundaries, such as that comprising the boundary between Forest Hill and Ringwood districts, can be difficult to distinguish. In such cases, the need to ensure that districts comply with the numbers requirements of the Act and fit communities of interest has left the EBC with no practical alternative. Main roads make clear boundaries and have been used where possible – as, for instance, in the boundary between Box Hill and Ringwood districts. The EBC considers that the proposed districts in this area broadly follow communities of interest, as they are grouped around major activity centres such as Box Hill and Ringwood and along important transport corridors. The suggested realigned Forest Hill district would have serious flow-on effects without apparent improvements to community of interest. The EBC has thus decided against changes to the proposed boundaries in this area.

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