Part III: The final boundaries - Balwyn North

Balwyn North

  1. Under the proposed boundaries, all of Balwyn North would be included in Kew district. The Liberal Party suggested leaving part of Balwyn North in Box Hill district, with the boundary running along Greythorn Road, on the grounds that this would reduce disruption to Box Hill district, that Box Hill district has a long association with Balwyn North, that Greythorn Road is a clearer boundary than the one proposed, and that Greythorn Road marks communities of interest in terms of school zones and shopping patterns.
  2. The EBC is not convinced by these arguments. Greythorn Road does not appear to be an important divide, as residents on both sides of the road would likely patronise the Greythorn shops on Doncaster Road, and local primary schools would take students from east and west of the road. The inclusion of the whole suburb in one district corresponds with communities of interest. The proposed boundary follows the Boroondara-Whitehorse municipal boundary except at Jocelyn Avenue, which is in the City of Whitehorse but has no connections with Whitehorse but strong connections with the rest of Balwyn North. The EBC has therefore decided that the proposed boundary in this area will stand.

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